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Pope: "The Earth is a precious gift of the Creator"

"We must convert the current pattern of global development towards a greater and shared accountability for creation: this is demanded not only by environmental emergencies, but also the scandal of hunger and misery."


Pope Benedict XVI: Life and Progress are Connected 

Pope Benedict XVI received in audience the President of the United States of America, Barack H. Obama. The primary focus of the discussions were issues that constitute a great challenge for the future of every nation and for the real progress of peoples, such as the defence and promotion of life and the right to conscientious objection. Immigration was also mentioned, with particular attention to family reunification. Issues of international politics, in the light of the results of the Summit of the G8 were at the centre of their discussions. Prospects of peace in the Middle East, where there are convergences, and other regional situations were also addressed. Other topical issues were then discussed.


Pope Benedict: Christian Politicians are needed

Pope Benedict paid tribute to the late Italian statesman Alcide de Gasperi, saying he was capable of transforming his faith into concrete deeds and that spirituality and politics were two dimensions of his life that characterised his social actions. The popes remarks came in an address to the Council of the De Gasperi Foundation. He said that whilst De Gasperi was obedient to the church he was independent and showed responsibility in his political choices. He also didnt use the church for political ends and never stooped to make compromises with his upright conscience. Pope Benedict recalled how during his time as a politician De Gasperi experienced difficulties and incomprehension, ...

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